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Bug Free Hammock Shield

Trek Light Gear

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The packable and practical accessory to help you enjoy your hammock without the mosquitoes, bugs and 'no-see-ums'. 

The Bug Free Hammock Shield by Trek Light Gear is the solution you need to enjoy your hammock in every environment...without the bugs. It weighs only 16oz and packs into its own attached pouch just like our hammocks! At 525 holes per square inch this netting gives you the perfect balance of breathability, visibility and bug protection (including 'no-see-ums').

Don't be fooled by other so-called 'skeeter beeter' hammocks that feature a bug net attached to the top of the hammock only - mosquitoes are more than capable of biting you right through the bottom of the hammock! The Bug Free Hammock Shield completely encloses your Trek Light Hammock (or any other non-spreader bar hammock) and since it's a separate accessory you can easily enjoy the hammock without the netting whenever the bugs aren't an issue.


Weighs 16oz
Compatibility Universal (Fits all TLG Hammock sizes and many other Non-TLG hammocks as well)
Waterproof? No, that would be silly.
Max Weight N/A

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