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Fishmask Facemasks


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Fishmasks® is dedicated to providing Face Protection to anglers of every discipline. From Fly-Casters wading into streams and rivers, to Sea-Fisherman on the coast, and everything in between. All our products feature the following technology:

  •  UPF 50+ keeps 99.9% of harmful Ultraviolet Rays from reaching your skin. Sun hits your face both directly, and from being reflected off the water, making Solar Protection no joking matter.
  • Odor Control – This application inhibits the growth of microorganisms, keeping the product smelling less, umm, fishy.
  • Moisture-Wicking fabric draws sweat away from your face, keeping you cool and dry during both hot and wet days
  • Made in the USA!

Styles: (not all print and style combinations are available)

BandanaThe original multi-wear product. Made from 100% polyester and milled right here in the good ‘ol USA. UPF 30+, Moisture Wicking, economically priced. Great for you, your kids, or your golden retriever.

Single LayerTired of applying and re-applying loads of sunblock when you fish? Fishmasks has the solution – our facemasks not only provide protection from the sun by blocking 99% of harmful UV Radiation, but they wick moisture and the mesh-inspired design allows the fabric to have incredible breathability. Goodbye are the days of fogging your sunglasses or wearing a mask that makes you feel overly hot. Fishing products can get a little, um, funky smelling at times, which is why we have given this an Anti-Microbial tech application, cutting down on smell and stank.

Double LayerWater repellant, warm, and wicking. The Double Layer Tube provides protection from all the elements. Wear on cold mornings, winter days, or anytime you don’t want to get soaked. The outer layer of fabric uses a C6 short chain DWR application, preventing the fabric from absorbing water. This keeps you dry, and ideal for exceptionally cold and wet conditions.

BalaclavaThe ultimate in sun protection, our Balacalava is made from the same material as our Single Layer, yet covers the full face and is easily adjustable to be worn hood up or down. Features the same fabric as our Single Layer Tube with Odor Control, UPF 50+ Protection, and Moisture Wicking properties.



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